MP55000 Series

Our MP 55000 Series methacrylate is a great solution for the Lighting industry. Here,  one of our customers is using MP 55420 to assemble a streetlight system. Read more »


Tip for The Day……. Our 55000 Series methacrylate adhesive can be sanded and painted on after curing. The Sign Industry loves this characteristic of our product. A light sanding of the adhesive before painting is recommended. Make sure you wipe off or blow off the dust created by the sanding before painting. If using an […] Read more »

Use Our POLYPREP Primer for Difficult to Bond Substrates……..

Our PolyPrep Primer contains an active “chemical-etching” component which allows the cyanoacrylate penetration into slick and “hard to bond” substrates including santaprene, vinyl, and polyethylene Displays superior bonding of substrates by creating a surface which allows for better wetting, penetration, and non-interfered curing of the Cyanoacrylate monomer . Polyprep comes with a spray-on top or […] Read more »