A Look into Epoxy and Other Types of Adhesives Used in the Automotive Industry

In 2009, the U.S. automotive industry was struggling to keep its head above water. This year, however, Terostat_9120_9320_223487_web_563Wthe Wall Street Journal reports that the car industry is not only in the process of recovering, but is also attracting a big share of the foreign market. The news report expressed optimism on the increase in sales and profits within the automotive industry as the nation expects to see a growing trend of exporting cars rather than importing.

Since expectations are high for the U.S. car industry, vehicle manufacturers must up their game even further: from hiring expertly trained auto technicians and mechanics to applying innovative techniques in the use of high performance binders such as epoxy adhesives and other types. Below is a quick look at the different types of adhesives used in the automotive industry:Black glue is applied on Audi A3 car door at production line of German car manufacturer's plant in Ingolstadt


Epoxy is one of the most used adhesives since it provides a durable and extremely strong bond with a variety of materials. Its key element is the Epichlorohydrin compound that gives it a hard outer layer, thereby making it resistant to moisture, humidity, and extremely high or cold temperatures. While epoxy typically contains solvent that can cause allergic reactions when it comes in direct contact with the skin, suppliers like Adhesive Systems, Inc. sell solvent-free epoxy products.



A good anaerobic adhesive contains monomer components esspecially designed to be effective bonding catalyst for metals. This type of adhesive is used to seal and tighten gaskets and fasteners, as well as bond electric and electrical components. It also has great resistant properties against chemicals like hydraulic fluids, oils, and fuels.mechanic

Revitalization is the goal of many U.S. industries these days, including the growing U.S. automotive industry. To ensure efficient production output and quality, car manufacturers can do a self-assessment to find out what they need to improve on. They can also look into their options of using more effective products like the high-performance adhesives mentioned above.

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