Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Solutions Provider for Industry and Manufacturing

About Adhesive Systems – Providing Adhesive Solutions for the Market

Adhesive Systems is proven innovator and leader in providing innovative cyanoacrylate adhesive and other adhesive solutions for many industries across the spectrum. For nearly 20 years, our strict quality standards and dedication to filling the business requirements of customers indicates that your needs are our first priority. We are an established company that operates globally, and manufactures a comprehensive product line engineered to meet all your assembly applications.

Management and Production Capacity

Owners Ed Koziol and Gary Johnson are experts in the adhesive industry, bringing extensive knowledge and diverse backgrounds together to manage Adhesive Systems. Our company, founded on the principles of quality, experience and teamwork, continues to promote this particular approach to business to provide a reliable and responsive customer service-oriented business model.

Since our inception in 1989, Adhesive Systems’ manufacturing facility in Frankfort, IL, has been our business center for producing superior, custom-engineered cyanoacrylate adhesives and other products for a range of market sector applications. Our 30,000 square foot streamlined, manufacturing facility has the ability to handle any need or requirement.

Outside of our headquarters in Illinois, we also have sales engineers in distribution regions in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and South America. Our worldwide industrial distributors service medium to large OEM companies and manufacturers requiring innovative adhesive solutions for assembly applications.

Innovative Products – Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Solutions for a Range of Applications

Our cyanoacrylate and other adhesive products have an array of assembly applications in a variety of markets: automotive assembly, aerospace/aviation, medical equipment, military applications, electronics and televisions, general industrial, appliances, plastics molding, furniture manufacturing, filtration companies and even in the repair area.

Many of our bonding compounds include adhesive solutions including super glues, cyanoacrylates, and liquid acrylate monomers that bond to a variety of similar and dissimilar surfaces including metals, plastics, wood, fibers and other products. Products are available in single and two-part applications, many with dispensing systems, and most can bond dissimilar substrates. These products have excellent bond strengths that stand up against weathering, impacts and vibration making them ideal for many assembly applications. They are ready to use right from the bottle and many products are automated easily through dispensing equipment.

Most products are available in solvent-free liquids that provide powerful, cyanoacrylate instant adhesive solutions that polymerize quickly – meaning they can set within seconds and cure at room temperatures; others can be accelerated with heat. Other products include UV curable, and other industry-specific bonding solutions.

Our wide range of products offer engineers maximum design versatility in assemblies by providing the following features and benefits: superior bond strengths, good gap filling characteristics, excellent weather resistance and aging characteristics, dependable performance, good impact and vibration resistance, resistance to temperature extremes, humidity, and offer versatility in use. These cyanoacrylate adhesives and other products bond a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials and have good gap filling characteristics that improve your finished product’s quality and durability.

Adhesive Systems’ industrial adhesives are available in a wide range of viscosities and performance properties for industry-specific assembly applications. You will see a greater production output coupled with a lower production costs. Our easy-to-use cyanoacrylate products do not require mixing, weighing or time-consuming technical training for your staff; and our other products are equally versatile.

Value-Added Services Make Adhesive Systems Your Best Choice for Cyanoacrylates and Other Adhesives

Adhesive Systems’ cyanoacrylate adhesives and other products make assembly and manufacturing processes more efficient and improve the quality of finished products and assemblies. Since our reliable adhesives replace mechanical fastening devices, the workspace in your physical plant/facility can be utilized better. Adhesive Systems’ convenient, state-of-the-art anaerobic adhesives and other industrial adhesives facilitate efficient assembly systems and processes allowing your employees to be more efficient and productive.

Our fast-curing, strong adhesives are consistent and reliable, always.

Besides supplying various markets with adhesive solutions, we can also custom-engineer adhesive products for distinct markets with various assembly applications. Our adhesive product capabilities are so broad in scope due to their endurance and high quality – something every market is seeking in an adhesive product.

Our value-added approach to creating customized and innovative adhesive solutions for the specific assembly applications of diverse market sectors continues to push our products to the forefront of the industry, as it has for two decades.

Contact us for adhesive solutions for all of your assembly and product applications; we are “Clearly Your Best Choice for Cyanoacrylates and other Adhesives.”
Unparalleled Customer Service

Our advanced technology and value-added approach (including custom formulations) for delivering unique applications and products for customers is matched only by our outstanding customer service. Adhesive Systems’ approach to delivering exacting products specifications, unparalleled service, and efficient production and distribution allows us to support customers small and large.