Anaerobic Glue and Other Types of Adhesives

Adhesives are defined as substances that bind surfaces togetherpage 17 photo. In 1750, the first patent for an adhesive, made from fish, was issued. Since then, several types of everyday and industrial-grade adhesives, made from various materials have been developed and patented. These including casein, starch, and natural rubber. In the twentieth century, cyanoacrylate was developed, and dubbed as “superglue”. Today, there is a specific glue available for almost every imaginable application.


Anaerobic adhesives are utilized mainly in industrial applications, i.e. sealing and securing mechanical fittings like nuts and bolts for buildings, equipment, and vehicles. This adhesive was first used as a thread sealant to secure screws in automotive carburetors. This type of adhesive, isolated from oxygen, requires a chemical reaction with metal ions for bonding on surfaces. Specifically, the process combines acrylic esters from the polymerization of acrylonitrile.

Cyanoacrylateinstant application

Cyanoacrylate, or super glue adhesives, are suitable for bonding hard surfaces in low-temperature applications.They set instantly and have poor resistance to heat. Companies use them for the assembly of electronics, particularly in bonding circuit parts. Hobbyists also use such products to build models and miniatures. Crime scene investigators, meanwhile, utilize it for forensics to capture fingerprints on non-porous surfaces.








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