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Dissimilar Substrate Bonding for Automotive Assemblies

Automotive professionals favor automotive adhesives, due to their simplicity of use and durability. With the appropriate application of an automotive adhesive, dissimilar types of metals can be bonded without difficulty. Most importantly, flexible-use adhesives allow the bonding of a metal with a composite, which cannot be done with the application of the welding process. Our automotive adhesive products also include a rubber-toughening agent, that is useful in alleviating contact forces and they absorb vibration.

Bonding Applications in Automotive Assembly

The extensive array of automotive adhesives by Adhesive Systems Inc. includes automotive adhesives that can be very helpful for numerous automobile related applications, like:

  • Core plug sealing
  • Formed-in-place gaskets
  • Heat exchanger sealing
  • Automotive hose bonding
  • Filter end cap bonding
  • Gasketing or gasket sealants

Our automotive adhesive can also be applied on the different components of the electronics system within a vehicle, like:

  • Sensors
  • Electric motors
  • Potting and sealing electrical components
  • Switches and relays
  • Other similar processes and components

The most representative usages of our automotive adhesive products are:

  • Bonding interior dashboard and trim
  • Structural bonding of drive shaft and chassis
  • Potting and sealing of electronics and LEDs
  • Bonding of sensors
  • Sealing heat exchanger tubes
  • Gear box and sump cover gaskets
  • Thread-locking and retaining bolts, pins and bearings

Usually the under-bonnet applications of automotive adhesives require high-temperature resistance , hence we use epoxies, cyanoacrylates, and anaerobics in the production of our automotive adhesives since these products have the capability to resist extreme temperatures up to 250 deg C (480 deg F).

We Offer a Complete Array of Industrial-Grade Adhesives for Automotive Assembly, Manufacture and Repair. Contact Us Today With Your Order.

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