Composite Bonding Adhesives, Tapes and Industrial-Grade Glues

Composite Bonding Materials and Resin Transfer Molded Processes

Adhesive Systems Inc. is the leading producer of sophisticated composite bonding adhesives, tapes and materials with the professional application of the most modern technology and equipment, which includes the new Resin Transfer Molded process (RTM). Learn more about adhesive manufacturing .

We use precise and complex expertise and methods like the RTM process for use on composite and machined parts as well. We make sure that our production team is completely aware of the requirements and restrictions of the engineering lineup for the particular adhesive (and its uses) that our clients need when we produce our composite bonding materials in order to fulfill the most intense and challenging specifications and product obligations.

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Wide Range of Standard, OEM and Custom Formulations

As we provide the best products, our production team includes an enthusiastic and committed design team for standard, OEM and custom adhesives, sealants and tapes. Moreover, our production team has been updated with the latest technology, formulations, and our employees are highly qualified and thoroughly trained in the field. Due to the finest production of composite bonding materials, we are a favored provider of industrial-grade glues and adhesives for extremely sophisticated assemblies in metalworking and high-end composites.

The array of composite bonding adhesives and tapes that we provide deliver a dependable solution for assembly and manufacturing. When you face the difficulty of bonding materials that cannot be welded, or ones that use traditional metal fasteners, our composite bonding adhesives are an effective solution with quick curing times. Our adhesives are formulated to deliver potency and robustness on disparate substrates and surfaces, even steel and alloys.

Our composite bonding materials and adhesives can even be applied in baking cycles during the production of merchandise or products that involve aluminum, glass, woods, plastics, and even stainless steel, thanks to the high resistance of our adhesives to extreme temperatures and pressures. Our composite bonding adhesives deliver the finest finish, which positively increases production efficiency and minimizes the cost of production or assembly to a great extent.

A Few Advantages of Composite Bonding Adhesives

The advantages of composite bonding adhesives:

  • Our composite bonding adhesives can be very useful in bonding materials that cannot be welded.
  • Our adhesives possess great resistance to extreme temperatures and temperature cycling.
  • Besides standing up to extreme temperatures, these bonding adhesives possess incredible resistance to extreme pressures.
  • Our composite bonding adhesives are exceptionally easy and simple to apply and use and are designed to speed up assembly processes.

Phone: Illinois (630) 424-1894 • Nationally (815) 464-5606

Fax Us: (815) 464-5650