Custom Adhesive Products, Sealants and Tapes for Specific Industrial Use

Adhesive Systems Inc. is expert in manufacturing custom adhesive products in order to fulfill the precise requirements of industrial, engineering and assembly processes. We have specialized and proficient chemists on our team who are committed to customer satisfaction in creating the perfect formulations (custom, standard and OEM) that meet the specifications of our clients.

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Flexible-Use Custom Adhesives and Sealants

Our custom adhesives are used in various applications, small and large, for manufacturing, assembly and industrial uses. In the past our engineers have always been successful in coming up with the custom adhesive that has the qualities and attributes specific industries need.

Tell Us About Your Application – We Can Custom Formulate Adhesives

The industries for which we have created custom adhesives include:

  • Electronics
  • Transportation/earth-moving equipment/heavy vehicles (construction, mining, etc.)
  • Aerospace/aviation
  • Defense – vehicles, aviation and other specifications
  • Automobiles, trucks, cars, etc.

Custom Formulations and Custom Adhesives Production

Due to the application of the most modern and sophisticated technologies, and the most up to date machinery, we are capable of producing custom adhesives that meet the exacting specifications of our clients. Instead of going for mass-produced adhesives, that would not be totally fulfilling specific client needs, you can opt for our custom adhesive products formulated to meet client requirements. In this way, not only will you get the perfect adhesive product for your need, but it will decrease your cost of production, as well, since you will not be required to purchase expensive, mass-produced adhesives that may not meet your specifications and requirements.

When you are having difficulty in finding the right adhesive that contain all the features needed for your assembly, a custom adhesive is the best choice. We will produce custom adhesives, adjusting the following properties according to your requisites:

  • Thickness and viscosity
  • Treatment momentum
  • Dye and color
  • Resistance and hardness
  • Cure speeds/UV curables
  • Other significant characteristics as requested

Adhesive Systems Develops Standard, OEM and Custom Adhesives – Contact Us Today With Your Order

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Fax Business Inquiries: (815) 464-5650