Epoxy Adhesive Solutions for Commercial, Industrial or Home Use

What Epoxy Adhesive Solutions Are Available for You?

Adhesive Systems, Inc. provides a complete range industrial-grade, commercial and of home-use epoxy adhesives. Our epoxy adhesive products provide the durability, reliability and flexibility you need whether you choose one-part or two-part epoxies. Our epoxies are used commonly for structural bonding, encapsulating and potting applications that require strong bonding. These epoxies are an ideal choice for assembly applications, repairs and affixing substrates (different materials) for a durable bond that sets quite swiftly. All the epoxy adhesive products we manufacture can be used easily and effortlessly in industrial or manufacturing environments or for home repairs.

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The epoxy adhesive goods developed at Adhesive Systems deliver a high strength bond and offer manufacturers and assembly companies flexibility in use. Since manufacturing applications, assembly uses, replacing mechanical fasteners, general repairs, etc., are good examples of the versatility and vigorous adhesion of the epoxies, many manufacturing and assembly companies employ them for their wide-ranging product applications. From even small bonding requirements to more complex bonds used for assembly and some construction uses, Adhesive Systems has a product to fill your needs.

To learn more about how Adhesive Systems can help your company, tell us about your applications and bonding requirements. We offer standard formulations in a variety of product categories and can also engineer and manufacture custom epoxy adhesive formulations specific for your application(s).

The Technical Side of Our Epoxy Adhesive Products

The most comprehensive representation of our industrial-grade epoxies is the MP 5400 Epoxies Series. These epoxy adhesive products meet and suffice for general applications such as product assembly, repairs and manufacturing production. We also supply Thermosetting Polymers (hardener and resin mixed with dual-cartridge packaging), Liquid No Mix Acrylics, Liquid Methacrylates and Liquid UV Curables. Adhesive Systems provides standard products and custom formulations for bonding disparate substrates or objects and surfaces made of differing materials.

All the epoxy adhesive products listed in our catalog are prepared to meet the varying requirements of different applications and businesses. However, all of our epoxies offer easy-to-use application methods, high impact resistance and unbeatable bonding strength. These epoxy adhesives are efficient assembly tools for dealing with the varied materials applications including fibers, plastics, metals, woods, metals and other materials.

What Quantities Do We Sell?

Our packaging quantities vary according to the demand of customers, but we do have standard packages available for individuals or retail. Normally, our one-part and two-part epoxies are distributed in 50 ml, 200 ml, 380 ml, and also 400 ml packages of dual syringe cartridges. Large quantities are also available, and we can custom formulate epoxies to meet your company’s specific requirements.

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