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Adhesive Systems’ matchless process of manufacturing epoxy adhesive products

Adhesive Systems inc. is among the most acknowledged and renowned companies that manufacture and sell residential and commercial epoxy adhesives. Our production process follows standard industry practices and our quality process has been granted an ISO9001:2008 certification. Our epoxy adhesive products are formed by the reaction of hardeners and resins like polyamine and epoxide respectively. Epoxies are normally known as polyepoxide, which means a thermosetting polymer. At the instance when all the necessary compounds mix together, amine groups start reacting with the epoxide groups, which produces some covalent bonds. Every NH group is highly capable of reacting with an epoxide group to make the ensuing polymer immensely cross linked, and that is the reason it becomes incredibly brawny and stiff. This sophisticated polymerization process is known as curing. It is controlled via temperature, the ratio of the compounds used and the choice of hardener components and resin. This whole process normally takes minutes but under a few circumstances it can be prolonged to hours. Some of the formulations benefit from thermal energy whilst other formulations benefit from ambient temperatures and time.

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Adhesive Systems inc. – manufactures a number of high-tech epoxy adhesive products for numerous applications

The epoxy adhesive products we manufacture are ideal and most practical for almost all applications, for example; paints and industrial tooling adhesives, coating and composites adhesives, consumer application and electrical system adhesives, electronics and marine application adhesives, wood and ceramic application adhesives etc. This wide-ranging variety is the result of our decades of continuous improvement in process and formulation. Our epoxy adhesive products are known for the robust, long-lasting and permanent bonds they create.

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