Epoxy Bonding Adhesive Products from Adhesive Systems

The epoxy bonding adhesives manufactured by Adhesive Systems, Inc., is a clear adhesive (or two-part epoxy bonding agents with resin and hardener) that is specifically formulated to furnish swift bonding. When the formula is blended with appropriate proportions according to weight or volume, the bonding can be created within 5 to 10 minutes at normal room temperature. Our epoxy bonding agents create bonds between metals like aluminum, steel, brass, glass, wood, fiberglass, masonry, as well as hard plastics.

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Fast Cure Times, Durable Bonds for a Wide Range of Applications

Epoxy bonding adhesives produced by Adhesive Systems, Inc. are two-component bonding agents (or single) that are durable and moisture resistant. It promises thorough bonding of new materials or for patching/repairing different compounds or substrates.

Our epoxy bonding adhesives can be incredibly useful in the following applications:

  • While joining new concrete surfaces onto old concrete surfaces; our epoxy bonding adhesive can be applied as a combination water-resistant barrier and materials bond.
  • It improves the bond of tile bedding mortar to existing concrete.
  • To create water-resistant bonding for steel reinforcement before the application of patching compounds or concrete pouring, and at the same time, creating the perfect bond between these materials.
  • Penetrating and consolidating weaker woods, flooring, asbestos-cement or cinder concrete, and at the same time, allows you to build a strong bond for new materials, or is flexible enough to be used as a patching compound.
  • To create a strong bond of concrete, top substrates, or bedding mortar to non-cementatious substrates. This includes plywood decking, steel plate and tiles applied to concrete substrates.

Our epoxy bonding adhesives are ideal for situations where remarkably strong, chemical-resistant, and shock-resistant bonds are required between materials. With our epoxy bonding, you can get the most outstanding bond and compressive strengths. It supports the fitting of large format tiles and stones and other materials.

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