Epoxy Glue Is Great for Many Assembly Applications

Adhesive Systems offers epoxy glue that comes in a complete line of one and two part epoxies for structural bonding, potting, and encapsulating applications needing an epoxy adhesive. Epoxy resin glue is in a class of adhesives called ‘structural adhesives’; and is used in automotive, construction, electrical, transportation, industrial and marine market applications throughout America.

Innovative Solutions for a Wide Range Applications

These products offer engineers maximum design versatility by providing the following features:

  • Solvent free
  • Good gap filling characteristics
  • Wide range of products that provide cure speeds, viscosities and performance properties to meet specific requirements
  • Improves finished product quality
  • Replaces mechanical fastening devices
  • Lowers cost

Advantages of Structural Bonding Glues

Epoxy glues are especially suitable for automotive applications such as choke and transformer bonding, DC motor assembly, alternators, and flywheel applications, tacking, unitizing, ruggedizing, sealing, shallow potting, rearview mirrors, fuel pumps and steel doors, and just about any other type of parts assembly – additionally, we have gasketing compounds ideal for automotive manufacturing.

Some significant benefits are:

  • They are conveniently packaged in 50 mil, and 400 mil dual syringe cartridges
  • Easy to use right from the cartridge
  • No mixing, measuring, or weighing, and no contact with material
  • No mess
  • No waste
  • No clean up
  • Saves valuable production time

Adhesive Systems’ clear epoxy glue is known for its superior bonding capability of dissimilar materials; and protection against galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metallic parts joined together. It has the ability of effectively reducing weight, preserving load-carrying capacity, limiting stress concentration ensuring long fatigue life, and providing sealing action. There is an improved appearance given by epoxy adhesive bonding to finished structures without the need of introducing disturbing surface modifications.

Our revolutionary epoxy glue chemistry drastically shortens assembly times and saves space, labor, and regulatory compliance costs to make automation easier for manufacturers.