Gasket Adhesive – Your Solution for Long-Lasting Gasket Bonding

Gasket Adhesive – Your Solution for Long-Lasting Gasket Bonding

Gaskets—Mechanical Fastening and Gasketing Adhesives

Gaskets are the mechanical seals that fill the vacant spaces between two (sometimes more than two) mating surfaces, so that leakage does not take place when the surfaces are adhered or objects are compression. Gasket adhesives are necessary for many sealing applications. Gaskets provide mating surfaces that are present on machined parts, and sealants are needed to fill gaps or irregularities in fastened parts. Sadly, almost every type of gasket is manufactured from non-yielding materials, and thus hundreds of assembly applications fail without proper gasketing adhesives. Experts respond to this gasket sealing failure by producing and selling gasket adhesives or sealants.

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The Relation Between Gaskets and Gasket Adhesives

Manufacturers and industrialists understand that using mechanical gaskets in isolation in order to fill in gaps and bond surfaces rarely proves successful without sealants. Owing to the fact that gaskets adhesives were invented to be used to seal gaskets, the vacant space between the mating surfaces can be held firmly by using gasketing sealants to prevent movement. In many assembly applications, the gaskets are squeezed between substrates, and an effective, long-lasting bond usually requires gasket adhesives.

To learn more about how using gasket adhesives can help your company’s assembly requirements, tell us about your applications and sealing requirements. Adhesive Systems, Inc. offers standard formulations in a variety of gasket adhesive categories and we can also manufacture and engineer custom gasket adhesives formulations specific to your application(s).

Gasket Adhesives Fill Gaps

Our Gasket adhesives are solvent free and single-component materials that penetrate or interlock substrates and fill surface irregularities and gaps typical of metal parts, but the sealants work well on many other materials. Gasket adhesives or sealants instantly seal the housings and mating flanges or substrates. The outcome is sealed gaps and durable bonds that help improve the structural integrity of assembly applications.

Gasket adhesives from our factory are useful on a multitude of assembly applications including automotive parts, plumbing, construction, and for a wide range of other machinery like snow blowers, lawn equipment, and other commercial-grade products.

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Some Distinct Traits of Our Gasketing Adhesives

Our gasket adhesives for metal applications offer unparalleled durability and high chemical resistance to corrosive environments and solvents. Our gasketing adhesives can withstand antifreeze fuels, automotive solvents, oils and lubricants. They are extremely useful for their leak prevention attributes that magnifies the structural integrity of assembly applications.

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