High Temperature Adhesive for Industrial Assembly Applications

Adhesive Systems Inc. is the manufacturer of an impressive, extensive array of high performance, heat-resistant, high temperature adhesive products for service to temperatures as high as 400°F. Our high temperature adhesives include structural and advanced performance adhesives and sealants that retain good physical strength properties even after prolonged exposure to unfavorable environmental conditions.

Our High Temperature Adhesive Products are Used in a Variety of Industrial Assembly Applications

High Temperature Sealant Products

Our high temperature silicone, epoxy, cyanoacrylate, and HT Series adhesives are available with a wide range of curing conditions to meet specific industrial assembly application requirements. These high temperature glues are well suited for the assembly of aerospace and automotive components, opticals, electronics, appliances, satellites, satellite modules, medical devices, lasers, and even military and industrial vehicles, and much more. Also, they are used in down-hole drilling control systems that operate at increasing temperatures and stress levels.

ASI’s industrial-grade, high temp adhesives are prepared to maximize shelf life. They are environmentally friendly; and they contain no solvents or diluents. Our high temperature glue products vary in viscosity, cure speed and flexibility depending on application requirements. They are chemical resistant; and have top-of-the-line oil, chemical and electrical insulation properties, particularly useful in the automotive industry.

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Specialty Adhesives for Aerospace and Medical Device Assemblies

Special heat-resistant, contact adhesive and high temperature coating grades offer electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, transparency, enhanced dimensional stability, high temperature curing, temperature resistant coatings, and ultra-high compressive strength. Additionally, we have high temp sealant products that meet NASA’s low out-gassing requirements, and other high temperature adhesive products that meet USP Class VI approval for medical application use. We offer a wide variety of products usable for almost any manufacturing, assembly or repair need.

Custom Adhesive Formulations

We specialize in high temperature adhesives and sealants; and we offer a wide variety of one and two component high temperature sealants and high temperature potting compounds and epoxies. Our high temp adhesive formulations have over 20 years of proven performance on the job. In addition, we can custom engineer high temp products for your special assembly applications – contact us for more information on custom formulations.

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