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The Distinct Identity of Adhesive Systems Inc.’s Industrial Adhesives

Our company strives hard to build a distinct identity for our products, and that is why we follow the internationally recognized and endorsed manufacturing standards for adhesives, specifically industry and ISO standards. Industrial adhesive or industrial glue products that we produce are mostly the mixture of semi-liquid state adhesives and resins (or two-part epoxies) that stick tightly in order to bond two objects with each other, specifically similar and dissimilar substrates. These adhesives are capable of bonding various types of substrates, although adhesion works best in most cases with thinner objects. These adhesives bond the two surfaces by hardening or curing via evaporation of the solvent or by chemical reactions that take place between the objects at the time of adhesion (chemical bonding of polymers or two-part resin epoxies for instance). For more product information, visit us on the web at Adhesive Systems.

Choosing industrial adhesive goods from Adhesive Systems is your best decision when you need to bond dissimilar substrates and thin materials, vibration-dampening joints, and to minimize additional weight to the finished products.

To learn more about what our industrial adhesive products can do for your business, tell our technical support staff about your application or contact us directly.

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Industrial Adhesive Goods for Almost Any Application

We understand the varied requirements of our different valuable clients, and to meet these needs and the assembly requirements of our customers, we offer multiple types of highly effective industrial adhesive products. A few of these industrial adhesives include:

  1. Hot Melt Adhesive: This type of industrial adhesive is flexible-use as it is pliable before one actually lets it settle, cure and bond objects together. Its superb adhesive nature allows the adhesion process to be completed at a faster rate than many other types of adhesives. Moreover, this industrial adhesive’s bonding is quite strong and only requires a small amount for your desired bonding results.
  2. Contact Adhesive Spray: With this type of industrial adhesive, you have the option to bond the materials together either temporarily or permanently. This industrial adhesive is best to bond materials that have uneven or porous surfaces. Plus, this incredible adhesive is used for waterproofing, and never leaves stains on the surfaces it bonds; also, it dries transparent and is flexible in usage.
  3. Acrylic Adhesive: This industrial adhesive is distinguished from numerous other adhesives by the short time need for settling, as it cures quickly. This means that it sets over the surface of the materials quicker than other adhesives. It is commonly available as an emulsion form and is used by industries that require materials assembly via adhesive bonding.

We offer an extensive line of industrial adhesive products, since we understand the varied requirements of our clientele. Place your order today and experience the re-invented adhesive solutions available from Adhesive Systems.

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