Our Adhesive Glue Really Is a Super Glue

Adhesive glue, also known as “super glue” or “crazy glue,” is the mainstay for tackling the rigorous demands in industrial assembly manufacturing operations. In the industrial setting, adhesives and glues are used for the assembly of: appliances, electronics, automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, lawn equipment, snow blowers, military equipment, military weapons, transportation equipment, and many other numerous mechanical applications. Plus adhesive glues are used in the assembly of many other types of materials, such as glass and PVC.

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There Are Several Types of Adhesives Glue:

  • All Purpose Adhesives – Used for rubber and plastic bonding.
  • Metal Bonding Adhesives – Used to bond metal-to-metal and metal to other substrates.
  • Surface Insensitive Adhesives – Used in applications that require exceptionally fast cure speeds, difficult to bond surfaces, and/or acidic surfaces.
  • Fast Setting – Used where low moisture conditions exist and/or exceptionally fast fixture times are desired.
  • Toughened/Black – Bonds a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials.
  • Low Odor/Low Bloom – Greatly reduces frosting on parts and the need for sophisticated ventilation.
  • High Temperature – Used for applications that have a high degree of temperature cycling and/or extended operation at elevated temperatures.
  • Medical Grade – Used in assembling medical devices.

We Can Custom Engineer Adhesive Glue for Your Industrial Assemblies

Adhesive Systems Custom Manufactures Glues and Adhesives

Our adhesive products can be used to help you meet assembly requirements, whether it is for new assembly technology or for repairs. We offer customized formula development and assistance for clients needing guidelines and support for a specifically engineered adhesive. You can depend on Adhesive Systems when you need a creative solution for your assembly applications.

Adhesive Systems Has a Variety of Adhesive Glues to Meet the Needs of Your Assembly Applications

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