Our Medical Adhesive Products Can Be Used in a Variety of Medical Device Assemblies

Adhesive Systems Inc. is a leader in the design, formulation and manufacture of medical adhesive products for the assembly of both disposable and reusable medical devices. These user-friendly adhesives can be cured at ambient and/or elevated temperatures or by exposure to UV light, so they are known as UV curable adhesives. These medical-grade adhesives are usable in a wide variety of devices such as diagnostic instruments (i.e. endoscopes), surgical tools, catheters and implantables, or for repairs on general equipment.

Medical-Grade Adhesives That Meet USP Class VI Protocols

Our specific formulations fully meet the USP Class VI protocol; and they can simplify and enhance the performance of many critical medical devices. They are single component and solvent-free glues. The medical super glue formulations have been developed to offer high physical strength properties and outstanding chemical resistance to medical devices, even when applied on dissimilar or difficult-to-bond materials.

Additionally, selected products retain their desirable performance upon exposure to various sterilization procedures including autoclaving, radiation, ethylene oxide, and the recently developed cold sterilants. Specifically developed technologies for treating a variety of substrates are commercially available to assure optimal performance even upon exposure to severe environmental conditions, as well as contact with a wide variety of fluids, and occasional abuse in healthcare settings.

Versatile Bonding Agents

Due to their unique bonding properties, our medical adhesives will bond structurally to a variety of plastics, ceramics, and metals. They are engineered to provide a unique balance of tensile, shear, and peel strength; and they assure maximum performance in assemblies that see stress, shock, and impact. Our medical adhesives are available in a full range of viscosities and cure speeds to meet specific application requirements. Whether the application is bonding similar or dissimilar parts, design engineers select medical device adhesives and glues for optimum performance in the overall finished product quality, reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Adhesive Systems’ engineering staff welcomes the opportunity to assist medical device manufacturers and provide standard or custom formulations that are the solution your company needs for specific assembly problems.