Our Spray Adhesive Works with Our Instant Adhesive Products

Adhesive Systems’ Spray Adhesive Accelerator Solution

Adhesive Systems’ Quick-Tac Accelerator™ spray adhesive was developed as a treating agent for use with our instant adhesive products. It has been specifically engineered to shorten fixture times, cure speeds and increase the gap filling capabilities of our instant adhesive products.

Our Quick-Tac™ will assist the curing process and give exceptionally faster set times when faster setting speeds are required. When curing beads or in applications where the adhesive is not between two parts, it will allow for fast uniform curing.

Our spray adhesive will aid in the bonding of porous materials such as fabrics or woods. It is useful when adhering acidic surfaces or in low humidity conditions; and promotes consistent curing times. It is excellent for bonding wire tacking, silk screening, loudspeaker assembly, alarm systems, blowers, core bonding, decorative trim, fans, fractional HP motors, fuel pumps, jewelry, light fixtures, marine plastics, mirrors, motor end caps, name plates, PVC pipe joints, rear view mirrors, signs, steel doors and transformers.

Using Quick-Tac™ enables the adhesive to fill gaps up to 0.20”. Our spray glue adhesive is available in 2 oz and 8 oz pump spray bottles, as well as, 1 gal containers and 55 gal drums.

Primer Spray Adhesives System

Another of our spray adhesives is Poly Prep Primer TM. This primer system is used for difficult to bond surfaces such as polyethylene, polypropylene, certain elastomers, or other difficult to bond substrates. It is a single component, ready to use material. Simply apply it to the surface you wish to bond, wait 30 seconds, and the parts are ready for assembly. This adhesive is also used in coordination with the instant adhesive products. It is available in 2 oz bottles and 1 gal containers.

We offer many more instant industrial adhesives series and options to work in all your assembly applications. And we can formulate custom adhesive products to meet your application requirements.