Rubber Adhesive Products Have Many Assembly Applications

Our rubber adhesive is a contact adhesive that offers the highest adhesion and shear properties in comparison to acrylic or silicone adhesives. Rubber glues are best used in ambient, indoor applications, as rubber adhesives are susceptible to UV light and elevated temperatures. Rubber-based adhesives are very adaptive as they will work with a wide variety of substrates and satisfy most adhesion requirements.

Rubber Adhesive Products Are Available from Adhesive Systems

Rubber Adhesives Applications

  • Furniture assembly and gluing of laminate wood.
  • Bonding of wood, glass, metal, textile, rubber and other materials where instant adhesion is required.
  • PVC tile laying, carpet flooring and fixing polymeric roof tiles.
  • Assembly line operations including manufacture of washing machines, kitchen equipment, television, and electronic automobile parts.
  • Assembly of radios, audio equipment and fixing labels.
  • Fixing gaskets, mending of rubber goods, toys, etc.
  • Fabrication of optical goods, binoculars, and other items
  • Thermo cool and heat-seal insulations in air conditioners and ducting lines.
  • Upholsteries in automobiles, homes and offices.
  • Molded luggage manufacturing, leather articles such as jackets, wallets, watch straps, bags, etc.
  • Fixing of PVC tiles to flooring and wall coverings, carpet backing and laying to floors, bonding soles to shoes in the footwear industry.

Adhesive Systems Can Custom Formulate Rubber Adhesive Glues Specifically for Your Industrial Assembly Requirements

Rubber Adhesive Glue Curing

Rubber glue adhesive “cure systems”, include radiation cured (which requires exposure to an ultraviolet light source; and RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) cure types. Adhesive Systems’ silicone rubber adhesives are available with a variety of features that include viscosity, full cure or set time, ultimate tensile strength, elongation, shear strength, and maximum use temperature.

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