Silicone Adhesive Is Useful in Various Assembly Applications

Silicone adhesive is widely used in a variety of industrial assembly manufacturing operations, including assembly of automotive, construction and electrical applications. It is capable of surface-to-surface bonding, making it useful as a metal adhesive. Silicones do an excellent job of sealing in severe environmental conditions, and they prevent leakage that may be caused by vibration loosening, damaged threads, or temperature cycling.

Our Silicone Adhesive Products at Adhesive Systems Inc Are Perfect for Industry Assembly Applications

Industrial-Grade Silicone Adhesive Sealants

Silicone rubber sealants provide excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals such as hydraulic fluids, oils, fuels, water, lubricants, and other chemical mixtures. They are ready to use, solvent-free materials, designed to handle both low and high-pressure applications. Silicone products do not shrink, shred, tear, or relax.

Silicone adhesive sealants use two basic silicone chemistries:

  1. Condensation Cure – Uses moisture in the atmosphere to trigger the curing process this will take place at room temperature. These are commonly referred to as RTV’s, meaning Room Temperature Vulcanizing. These are normally supplied as 1-part systems although they can be formulated as 2-parts for specialist applications.
  2. Addition Cure – Requires heat to initiate the curing process. This technology can be supplied as either 1 or 2-part systems

We Can Custom Engineer Silicone Adhesives for Your Business Operations

Silicone adhesives are form-in-place silicone sealants conforming to the parts they are used on, creating a durable, positive seal. They come in a full range of viscosities, strengths, and cure speeds that designed to meet specific application requirements; and, they are used in the assembly of glass, ceramics, masonry, wood, painted surfaces, metal, plastics, toys and many other applications.

Adhesive Systems Has a Variety of Silicone Adhesives to Meet the Needs of Your Assembly Applications

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