Steel Adhesive Products for Metal-to-Metal Bonding

Adhesive Systems, Inc. is proficient in the production of steel adhesive materials that facilitate in bonding galvanized metals like aluminum and steel with a wide array of substrates like various composites and plastics. Our steel adhesive effectively furnishes environmental resistance on an extensive array of elements. Learn more about metal bonding.

Fast Cure Times for Steel Adhesive Products

The approximate time that our steel adhesive requires to create the bond between metals is 10-15 minutes. In spite of the quick process, a robust and strong bond is created between aluminum and steel elements or between steel and other substrates. This steel adhesive is produced with the objective of creating long lasting and strong bonds between galvanized steel and other similar metals that are to be connected and will resist intense environmental elements, temperature cycling, and moisture.

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Replace Mechanical Fasteners with Bonding Agents

Time has changed and the industrial processes have changed with it too. Instead of going for the traditional processes like applying bolts, rivets and welding for bonding steel. Steel adhesive glues have grown more popular in the recent years due to their ability to increase durability, increase performance, and improve the quality of the product. At the same time, steel adhesives reduce the average time of the production or assembly and lower the costs involved in production. Learn more about structural bonding agents.

Steel Adhesives Manufacturing

Our steel adhesives are manufactured with the most sophisticated technology, and are effective in sealing joints, filling large gaps, and bonding divergent metals (substrates). Moreover, the bonding furnishes a trim look and appearance as well. When applied, our steel adhesive ensures that the stress on the metal is spread across the structure instead of only the bond, as may be the case with mechanical fasteners. You can be confident that in situations of extreme stress and force, temperature cycling and harsh environmental conditions, the bond joint will not be affected.

Some steel adhesives available on the market do not have the capability to perform in higher temperatures. This could be a major drawback in most industrial conditions and applications that involve high temperature cycling. On the other hand, our steel adhesives resist temperatures up to 400°F without the performance of the adhesive being affected at all, which is ideal adhesive for high temperature assembly applications.

We Offer a Complete Line of Steel Adhesive Products to Fulfill the Challenging Requirements of Automotive Assembly Applications. Contact Us Today With Your Order.

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