Structural Bonding Benefits

Standard, OEM and Custom Structural Bonding Adhesive Products

Known for its bonding capabilities of metal, plastics, glass, ceramics and other materials, our structural bonding products, by definition, create a bond that joins basic load-bearing parts of an assembly. A structural adhesive is used for assembly applications in automotive, aeronautics, railway, marine, construction, HVAC, electrical, manufacturing, and solar/wind businesses, and other industries for their many benefits.

Adhesive Systems Inc., Has Structural Bonding Adhesives

Structural Bonding Adhesive Benefits

  • Simplifies assembly by increasing strength/rigidity to withstand dynamic loads.
  • Prevents material fatigue and failure by achieving uniform transmission of the load (stress distribution) and by maintaining structural integrity (no thermal or mechanical weakening of parts).
  • Saves production costs by replacing conventional mechanical fasteners (screws, rivets or welding).
  • Allows the most varied substrate combinations, e.g. metal/plastics, metal/glass, metal/wood, etc.
  • Reduces and/or compensates stress caused by differential thermal expansion of joint substrates.

We Can Custom Produce Structural Bonding Adhesives for Your Specific Assembly Requirements

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Structural Bonding in Spite of Harsh Conditions

Structural adhesives resist end-use or post-processing temperatures to maintain adhesive chemistry and the physical bond; and they withstand physical shock at a range of temperatures. Moreover, structural bonding agents maintain their adhesive performance despite exposure to UV light, rain, saltwater, and other weathering conditions or corrosive environments. Plus, they have the ability to withstand degradation from diesel fuel, solvents and other chemicals.

An Alternative to Mechanical Fasteners

As an alternative to mechanical fasteners, structural bonding products offer the benefits of reduced stress points, leaks and corrosion, resistance to extreme environmental conditions, and enhanced sealant properties. Structural bonding adhesives offer a process-friendly solution that can save time and money, while increasing product quality.

Depending on the assembly process, you can apply the adhesives from a manual cartridge or a very sophisticated, high-speed robotic system. In addition, we can custom engineer structural adhesive bonding products to meet your assembly requirements.

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