The Best Industrial Super Glue Solutions Provider

Adhesive Systems has established itself as the leading super glue solutions provider for several industrial sectors worldwide. We offer a wide variety of products carefully engineered to fit all your needs. For over 20 years, we have provided the finestsuper adhesive gluefor electronics and televisions, appliances, military applications, automotive assembly, plastics molding, aerospace and aviation, furniture manufacturing, repair, filtration companies, and medical equipment.

We have a huge variety of glue adhesive products available. This includes:

    1. Advance Performance Series
      – These are also known as cyanoacrylate adhesives, industrial super glue, and “instant glues”. Super glues are liquid acrylate bonding agents which quickly and totally adhere to a wide variety of surfaces.
    2. Maximum Performance Series
      – Our structural adhesive bonding products are suitable for all your high-performance applications. Metal adhesives are well-known for their extraordinary bonding capabilities. These can be used for automotive applications like alternators, choke and transformer bonding, DC motor assembly, and many more.
    3. Torque Series
      – Our anaerobic adhesive is an innovative technology specially engineered to offer the fastest fixture and full cure times of any anaerobic available today.
    4. Anti Seize Series
      – Our lubricant compounds are cost-efficient and effectively reduces time consuming maintenance operations.
    5. Flex Silicone
      – These are suitable for all your sealing and bonding applications. Our industrial adhesives and silicones include Instant Adhesives, Methacrylate Adhesives, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, Epoxy Adhesives, UV Curing Adhesives, and Anaerobic Adhesives
    6. Application Systems
      – These are bonding solution dispensers such as dispensing bottles and tips, spray and shot valves, hand held dispensing guns, and many more.

If you want to learn more about super glue products, contact Adhesive Systems. Our outstanding customer service support will gladly answer all your questions.

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Super Glue Solutions Provider

When you are looking for the best super glue, Adhesive System is the innovator and expertin the adhesive industry. We offer the best technology, excellent service, and great valuewhich includethe following:

      • Offer the most modern, state of the art products
      • Has high standards that guarantee first-class quality, durability, stability and dependability
      • Our adhesive glue polymerizes faster and cures at room temperature
      • Exceptional aging and weathering properties
      • Provide a solutions oriented strategy to your most challenging assembly requirements
      • Has a global group of certified and the bestindustrial super glue distributors
      • Provide personalized customer and technical service support
      • After sales support, on site engineering assistance, application assistance, and design assistance
      • Offer professional, quick, responsive, and customized approach to servicing all aspects of your requirements through the Customer First Program
      • Has the most comprehensive, widest range of engineered super glue adhesive products
      • Offer cost effective, innovative, and strong super glue solutions for your applications

Call our customer and technical support to learn more about Super Glue products and other concerns. We are “Clearly Your Best Choice.”

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