The Diverse Properties of Instant Adhesive

The most comprehensive line of instant adhesive products in the industry is now even better with faster cure times, greater surface versatility, tougher performance, improved shelf life and packages that are easier to use and dispense with speed and accuracy. Moreover, we have the most distinct line of instant adhesives offered, providing you with fast assembly solutions for a variety of materials. Instant adhesives mean instant solutions.

Our Instant Adhesive Is a High Quality Structural Adhesive Used in Numerous Assembly Applications

Instantaneous Bonding and Short Curing Periods

Our instant grab adhesives have been specifically formulated for instantaneous bonding of substrates such as rubber, metals, ceramics, plastics, alloys, wood, leather, components for medical devices, general product assembly, and for industrial assembly applications requiring extremely durable bonds; and they are used in automotive, aerospace, transportation, construction, military, electronics, appliances, and other manufacturing assembly applications, among others. And its self-leveling feature makes it useful as a potting material in electrical and computer applications.

Superior Bonding for High-Speed Assembly Lines

The diversity and superior bonding capability of our industrial adhesive products ensures they are suitable for your specific assembly application needs. We optimize our glue adhesives with different, high-performance properties including gap-filling, impact resistance, durability, moisture resistance, light curing and weathering, among other attributes. These properties make the adhesives ideal for high-speed production lines and offers immediate improvement in productivity rates.

Adhesive Systems Inc., Is a B2B Supplier of Instant Adhesives

Quick Handling Strength Allows Fast Assembly Line Production

Our adhesive products attain handling strength within a few seconds and cure to full strength within a few hours. Adhesive bonding can effectively replace or compliment other types of conventional means of bonding, such as mechanical fasteners and welding, leading to improved performance, more efficient production, and faster assemblies resulting in considerable savings and cost reduction for the B2B manufacturer.

Now, you know you need our superior, instant adhesive products in your manufacturing operation.

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