The Permanence of Adhesive Bonding

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Adhesive bonding in the aircraft and automotive industry are rapidly replacing many conventional methods of joining two parts together. Bonding adhesives is a process where a monomer compound is applied in between joints and is allowed chemically to transform into complex long chained polymers that interlock the mating parts by inter-atomic bonding and diffusion of the adhesive into the adherents./

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Benefits of Adhesive Bonding Agents

In most common uses, bond adhesives are permanent, such as the thermosetting adhesives, and require machining in order to separate the mating parts. In other cases, the adhesive bond might be directly related to the operating temperature, as in thermoplastic adhesives, or may contain natural resins and form an elastic bond such as elastomeric adhesives.

Our structural adhesives, such as the instant bonding adhesive, benefits applications by weight reduction and enhancing ergonomics; and, they are still fairly inexpensive and have the ability to function in a wide range of environments. These are attractive traits, which are sure to influence your assembly or manufacturing operations and are beneficial to such processes.

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Adhesive Bonding – Your Alternative to Mechanical Fastening

Applications exist in almost every manufacturing assembly market, such as in the automotive, aerospace, marine, military and transportation industries, for adhesive bonding processes as an alternative to mechanical fastening or welding. Along with the potential for time, process, and cost improvements, other benefits of adhesive bonding are stress reduction on parts, the ability to bond dissimilar substrates, and the need for less-skilled labor.

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