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Threadlockers Made by Adhesive Systems, Inc.

Adhesive Systems Inc. has extensive production experience with threadlockers or mechanical fastener sealants. Our company excels in the productions of threadlockers, adhesives, sealants and other products for commercial-grade assemblies and parts production. We develop standardized formulations and work with other business to develop custom formulations for specific applications and parts assembly. Threadlockers offer an easy solution to many problems associated with traditional and plastic mechanical fasteners.

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Innovative, Thixotropic Threadlockers

Adhesive Systems, Inc.’s threadlockers or thread-locking sealants are thin, one component adhesives or sealants that are applied to the threads of mechanical and plastic fasteners including bolts, screws, connectors, joining assembly and other parts in order to prevent leakage and loosening (and corrosion on metal fasteners). Our threadlockers are typically methacrylate-based and they cure anaerobically. Our threadlockers are by default thixotropic fluids or viscous fluids that decrease in viscosity under stress or shaking (e.g. thick sprays that become thinner once the can is shaken thoroughly). Such an incredible and ingenious characteristic has enabled our threadlockers to flow efficiently along fastener threads and once cured, withstand short and long duration shearing, shocks or vibrations. Learn more about our threadlockers and sealants.

Flexibility and Production Usability of Our Threadlockers

The threadlocking fluid manufactured at our plant may be applied to mechanical fasteners either after or before the assembly process. Your specific procedures depend on the type of threadlockers or sealants that will be applied before parts assembly. We offer our customers convenient products and formulations for their complex industrial and manufacturing applications that can actually speed up production times. We furnish threadlockers in formulations designed for “removable” and “permanent” fastening applications. Our heavy-duty, permanent threadlockers can withstand over 3,000 psi of shear force. Some threadlockers produced by Adhesive Systems may be removed with heat.

The Convenience of Commercial Packaging

Adhesive Systems, Inc. supplies threadlockers usually in small containers delivering different quantities from the scale of 5 milliliters to 250 milliliters. We produce threadlockers for complex industrial and manufacturing or for home-based applications. We can also engineer custom formulations for your company.

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