Two Part Epoxy Benefits

Standard and Custom Polymeric Adhesive Materials

Two part epoxy adhesive is the most widely used polymeric material for adhesives, sealants, coatings, pottings, encapsulations and impregnantations to bond rubber, metal, wood, glass, plastic and masonry, among other materials. Two part epoxy systems are used extensively in the marine, automotive, aerospace/aviation, railway, appliance, electronics, electrical, plumbing/HVAC, manufacturing, and construction industries for assembly applications and repairs. Applications are diverse and include bonding handles onto tools, aerospace structures, kitchen counter tops, motor housings and mounting brackets.

Two Part Epoxy Systems Are Available to Our B2B Customers

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Two part epoxy adhesives offer unique versatility in application and performance. The 2-part epoxy is formulated especially for demanding applications where factors like temperature cycling, high vibration, and mechanical shock are an issue. Their most desirable properties include high bonding strength to a wide variety of different substrates, outstanding gap filling capabilities, excellent electrical insulation, and high chemical inertness.

Benefits of Two Part Epoxy Include:

  • High peel strength increases design versatility
  • Durability increases material choices
  • Rapid cure increases production rates
  • Solvent free improves workplace safety
  • Room temperature cure reduces equipment & energy costs
  • Low odor improves workplace environment

Two Part Epoxy – Standard and Custom Fabrication by Adhesive Systems Inc., for Your Specific Assembly Requirements

Custom Formulations Available

Custom epoxy bond formulations are available for B2B industries including systems with thermal conductivity (electrically insulating) for heat dissipation, electrically conductive systems, systems for cryogenic applications, as well as systems with high performance in the most hostile environmental conditions. Viscosities and cure times can be tailored to meet specific application requirements.

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