Types of Rubber Sealant

As the name implies, rubber sealant seals and protects different materials using rubber-based substances. The types range in features, with some better at protecting materials from water while others are better at guarding against corrosion and some chemicals.

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Some of the Types of Rubber Sealants

Many types of rubber sealant products also act as an adhesive, both binding materials and protecting them. For example, a natural rubber sealant can bind glass, paper, wood, plastic, rubber, steel, iron, ceramics, masonry, painted surfaces, plastics, and fabrics. This kind of rubber sealant usually is great for connecting materials, even in water, as long as they do not have to withstand much weight or pressure. While this kind can protect particularly well against water damage and corrosion, typically these sealants should not be applied to materials that will be exposed to the outdoors or harsh environmental conditions.

A particularly popular kind of rubber sealant is caulk, which typically is used to seal gaps between two surfaces. There are a few main types of this product, as well as, specialized kinds that prohibit mildewing, or are used to seal roof cracks. Butyl rubber sealant caulk is known for the strongest bond, and is usually used to fill in cracks in bricks, concrete, and metal. Acrylic latex caulk is used usually to seal the area around doors and windows, and is painted over frequently to match surrounding colors.

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Another common product is silicone rubber sealant . This kind of sealant typically is best for applications that require a weatherproof, watertight, flexible seal. It can usually withstand higher temperatures than most other types of rubber sealer, and does not shrink. It retains some elasticity for its lifetime, which means that it does not usually crumble or crack. It is usually best for sealing glass items.

Sealants change state to become solid, once applied, and is used to prevent the penetration of air, gas, dust, fire, smoke or liquids from one location through a barrier into another. These types of rubber sealants are used in many industries, for example, construction, HVAC, automotive, and aerospace industries.

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