ASI Industrial Adhesives are manufactured to meet the needs and concerns of design, production, and material engineers. We understand the importance of creating an adhesive that ensures a strong, reliable, quality adhesive solution. Our industrial adhesives are made to meet the challenging demands of many different aseembly requirements. We emphasize excellence in technology, service, and value to help provide the highest performing industrial adhesives.


Our line of cyanoacrylates, known as the ADVANCED PERFORMANCE SERIES, cover a wide range of applications. Whether you’re bonding rubber, plastic, wood, or other surfaces we have the adhesive that will give you the ultimate performance. Our cyanoacrylate adhesive contains no solvents and they are non-flammable. This fast acting adhesive is convenient, ready to use and easy to dispense.


Our methacrylates, also known as the MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE SERIES MP 55000 Series, are very versatile. This versatility helps the customer meet some of their specific application requirements. The MP 55000 Series is engineered to provide a unique balance of tensile, shear, and peel strength. This methacrylate adhesive creates a strong bond that is durable even when faced with severe environmental conditions. This two part product comes with a variety of packaging and dispensing options.

Super Glue

The ADVANCED PERFORMANCE SERIES of cyanoacrylates is also known as super glue. When you need a super strong bond with super fast curing time, our instant adhesives fit the need. Our super glue comes in a variety of viscosities with a wide range of packaging options.


Our epoxy named MP 54000 Series is also part of the MAXIMUM PERFORMaNCE SERIES. We manufacture one and two part epoxies for structural bonding. This epoxy series is an easy to use adhesive saving valuable production time. The MP 54000 can be used when bonding glass, metal, and plastics. It is excellent solution when bonding a wide range of simmiliar or dissismilar materials.

UV Adhesive and Coating

The MP 53000 Series is our UV adhesive product that is part of our structural adhesive group known as the MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE SERIES. This UV curable adhesive and coating is a one part adhesive that is extremely easy to use with a fast clean application. The MP53000 Series is an essential tool in improving overall product quality, lowering per unit cost, reducing processing time, and allows for innovative design solutions. It is a solvent free product that cures in seconds when exposed to UV/visisble light. We also supply the light source systems needed for curing our UV curable products.

Anaerobic Adhesives

The TORQUE SERIES is our family of Anaerobic adhesives also known as threadlockers, threadsealants, and retaining compounds. This adhesive technology is specifically engineered to provide the fastest fixture and full cure times of any anaerobic on the market today. This group of adhesive products are single components, solvent free, that cure in the absence of air and in the presence with metal ions. These anaerobis resins offer the best method to positively lock, retain, and seal a wide range of metal parts.