Anti Seize Lubricants Protect Machinery from Friction and Corrosion

Advanced Anti Seize Products & Adhesives Supplier

Anti Seize Lubricants Protect Machinery from Friction and Corrosionanti seize
Advanced Anti Seize Products & Adhesives Supplier

Adhesive Systems’ anti seize lubricants are used in protecting both MRO and OEM applications of machinery equipment from galling, galvanic pitting, friction, corrosion, water wash out, cold welding, as well as rust and corrosion in fasteners. Our extreme-pressure lubricating compound is produced using the highest quality, heat-resistant lubricants combined with fine metallic particles and graphite.

These anti seize compounds help provide constant, uniform torque tension. In addition, these products are non-hardening and do not drip. They enable speedy assembly and disassembly–for those who assemble things that someday may have to be taken apart, our anti seize lubricants are terrific timesavers. Our anti seize products will reduce costly, and time-consuming maintenance operations.

They are typically the products of choice for high-temperature applications because of their unique ability to provide protection in extreme-temperature conditions. In our high-performance anti seize technology, each product contains a combination of solid lubricating agents resulting in different high temperature limits and lubricities. They will not burn or wash off in higher temperatures or high-pressure environments.

Our anti seize lubricant products have an assortment of assembly applications for several industries: automotive, aerospace, medical, military, electronic, general industrial, furniture manufacturing and filtration. Aside from supplying these markets with adhesive solutions, we can also custom engineer adhesive products for various assembly applications.

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