Retaining Compound Adhesives Lock and Seal Cylindrical Non-Threaded Assemblies

Adhesive Systems’ Retaining Compounds

Adhesive Systems’ Torque™ Retaining Compound adhesives are engineered to increase the shear strength of cylindrical, non-threaded assemblies. They are single component, solvent-free compounds that are ready to use right from the bottle, or can used in automated systems. We can also custom-engineer adhesive products for distinct markets with various assembly applications.

Retaining compound adhesives fill the inner space and surface irregularities between the parts in bearings, gears, shafts, bushings and pulleys in automotive, machinery and military equipment applications. With the application of the contact adhesive, a durable polymer bond is created that prevents corrosion and increases overall strength. And this technology greatly enhances the reliability and performance properties of the finished assembly.

Our metal adhesive products are designed to increase the strength, reliability and efficiency of your assembly processes. Since only 20-30% of actual contact exists between even the tightest fitting metal parts, our retaining compounds are necessary to fill voids. In fact, our retaining compounds strengthen the assembly 2 to 3 times that of the original fit. Your machinery parts will increase shear strength, eliminating the need for other costly retaining and locking devices such as as keyways, set screws, spines, tapers, knurls, and other fasteners. This lowers your operations cost while improving the quality and reliability of your machine parts and assembly process.

Our anaerobic adhesives are formulated in a wide range of viscosities, gap filling abilities, cure times and strength characteristics. Machining tolerances can be relaxed, thus lowering the cost of the assembly, and simplifying the manufacturing process. Improved quality, reliability, cost effectiveness, and ease-of-use, are just a few of the many benefits that ASI’s retaining compound adhesives offer to improve the manufacturing techniques in your assembly applications.

We are an established company that operates globally, and we manufacture a comprehensive adhesive product line that is unique and engineered to work with all your assembly applications.

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