Silicone Adhesive Sealants Have a Variety of Industrial Functions

Adhesive Systems’ Custom Silicone Sealant Products

Our versatile silicone adhesive sealants are formulated to meet a variety of industrial bonding and sealing functions. They are designed to support a variety of automotive, appliances, electrical and construction applications. Though these applications may differ in their requirements, our custom-engineered silicone adhesives can meet your business needs. Each of our sealants maintains unique characteristics, thus making them ideal for a variety of specific applications. All of our sealants contain some of the same properties, which make them incredibly compliant to manufacturing specifications.

In automotive applications, our sealants can be used for truck cabs and wheel covers. The high/low temperature stability makes our high temperature silicone sealants suitable for automotive utilizations. For construction applications, our silicone adhesive provides a positive seal that has excellent resistance to the elements. In construction applications, our silicone products provide seals for gaps, joints, crevices, faucets and valves that are durable and robust. In addition, for electrical applications with circuit boards, electrical boxes, etc., our silicone sealants can withstand high temperatures and remain stable even in extreme environments. These adhesives can be used as a bonding agent on glass, wood, ceramics, masonry, painted surfaces, metal and plastics as well.

Our silicone adhesive sealants are extremely versatile and bond to a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials. These products offer maximum flexibility in assembly, provide a positive seal, and excellent high/low end temperature stability. Aside from supplying these industries with silicone adhesive applications, we can also custom engineer adhesive products for individual markets with various assembly requirements.

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