Standardized and Custom Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Formulations

Cyanoacrylates Are Instant Glues

A cyanoacrylate formulation is a durable, instant glue or adhesive. If your company requires instant adhesives, then choose standardized or custom cyanoacrylate rp seriesformulations for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing uses and applications. Standardized “instant CA” formulations increase productivity on the assembly line, and are ideal for general repairs for many products.

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Cyanoacrylate formulations are frequently available in liquid form, and join similar or dissimilar substrates. A few characteristics of these glues include quick cure rates that create durable, long lasting, high-strength bonds at the joined surfaces. Cyanoacrylate adhesive formulations generally dry quickly at room temperature. Diverse industries including aviation/aerospace, automotive parts assembly and repairs, medical equipment device manufacturing, electronics, general product assembly, HVAC fabrication and repairs, and even military applications require reliable, high-strength bonding agents.

Choose Standard or Custom Viscosities for Your Applications

Some of the best features of solvent-free, cyanoacrylate instant adhesive formulations are quick polymerization and setting. These glues are easy to use, and are available in a wide range of viscosities for diverse uses including high-strength bonding applications. Companies can choose standardized cyanoacrylate viscosities or work with a manufacturer for customized formulations. Custom formulations may be an ideal solution for specific business applications. If a particular formulation or viscosity is required for specialized assembly or production work, then consider working with a cyanoacrylate manufacturer to create a custom formulation that meets your company’s specific requirements. Generally, you can automate cyanoacrylate dispensing for production lines. These liquid industrial glues are ready to use right from the bottle.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives – Advance Performance Series Catalog


  • Solvent free, single component glue cures quickly at room temperature
  • Strong bonds—up to 4800 psi sheer
  • Easy to use, right from the bottle
  • Versatile bonding agent for similar and dissimilar substrate surfaces
  • Easily automated dispensing


  • Superior bonding strength for long term bonds
  • Durable bonds with excellent weathering resistance in fluctuating humidity and temperature ranges
  • More bond elasticity offers good resistance to impact or vibrations
  • Economical, versatile, multipurpose bonding product
  • Meets military standards


  • Replaces mechanical fasteners with more durable bonds
  • Increases production/assembly output with superior product quality
  • Reduces overall production costs
  • Lighter weight, more reliable assemblies
  • Better utilization of in-plant space and production resources