Structural Adhesive Advantages

Replace Mechanical Fasteners with Structural Adhesivesstrutural adhesives

Structural adhesive bonds have replaced both mechanical fasteners and assembly techniques such as soldering, brazing and welding in many industrial applications; and have been designed for the structural bonding of nearly all thermoplastics, metals, and composite materials, and other dissimilar substrates. These adhesives are used in a wide range of applications including automotive, marine, transportation, construction, HVAC, wind energy, and industrial assemblies. And they have been formulated to bond a variety of substrates using little or no product preparation.

Adhesive Systems Has a Huge Selection of Structural Adhesives

Structural Adhesive Product Classifications

The main classes of adhesives meeting structural adhesive requirements are epoxies, no-mix acrylics, methacryalates, UV curables, and polyurethanes. The advantages of using these classes of structural adhesive bonding agents over other joining techniques include:

We Can Custom Engineer and Fabricate Structural Adhesives for Your Specific Assemblies

  • Cost savings, including lower labor costs.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Elimination of stress point concentrations by even distribution of stress over the entire bonded surface, plus improved load bearing capacity.
  • Protective sealing against contamination by liquids or gases.
  • Bonding of dissimilar materials (dissimilar surfaces or substrates). Often the adhesive bond line acts as an insulator against galvanic corrosion in metal assemblies.
  • Improved fatigue resistance, and resistance to shock, vibration, and thermal cycling.
  • Enhanced structural appearance because protrusions, punctures, and attachments are eliminated.
  • Increased tolerances on machined parts, as some structural, industrial adhesives fill gaps left when parts mate poorly.

Few available adhesive products meet the stringent requirements of structural adhesives, such as durability, high strength, and dimensional stability over a wide range of environmental conditions.

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Structural Adhesive Bonding Adheres Metal-to-Metal

Adhesive Systems Structural Bonding Products

For all your high-performance applications, our structural adhesive bonding products are the best possible choice. These activator-curing structural adhesives brought about the technological revolution known as “cold bonding” to the magnet and motor assembly industries. Our robust structural adhesive products are used in automotive, construction, electrical, transportation, industrial and marine market applications throughout America.

Known for their exceptional bonding abilities, our metal adhesives are suitable for automotive applications such as choke and transformer bonding, DC motor assembly, alternators, and flywheel applications, tacking, unitizing, ruggedizing, sealing, shallow potting, rearview mirrors, fuel pumps and steel doors. Structural adhesive bonding also provides advantages for the sheet metal industry including reduced operator skill and less post-weld finishing. In addition, they have gained great acclaim for being a metal-to-metal adhesive that enables durable metals bonding and for applications using ceramics or composite materials

Some of the benefits of our structural adhesive bonding products are:

  • Superior bonding capability of dissimilar materials (including metals) independent of their metallurgical properties.
  • Provision of electrical and thermal insulation, and protection against galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metallic parts joined together.
  • Ability of effectively reducing weight, preserving their load-carrying capacity, limiting stress concentration for long fatigue life and providing sealing action.
  • Improved appearance given by adhesive bonding to finished structures without the need of introducing disturbing surface modifications.

Our revolutionary resin or super glue chemistry drastically shortens assembly times and saves space, labor, and regulatory compliance costs to make automation easier for manufacturers. The proven results are higher manufacturing efficiency, more extensive stress distribution, and cleaner product surfaces for manufacturers.


  • Superior bond strengths
  • Dependable performance
  • Excellent aging and weathering properties
  • Good impact and vibration resistance
  • Good resistance to high temps and humidity
  • Versatile, bonds a wide range of similar
    and dissimilar materials
  • Cure at room temperature or can
    be accelerated with heat


  • Solvent free
  • Good gap filling characteristics
  • Wide range of products that provide cure
    speeds, viscosities and performance properties,
    to meet specific requirements
  • Improves finished product quality
  • Replaces mechanical fastening devices
  • Lowers cost


  • Tough, durable bonds
  • Stronger, lighter finished assemblies

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