UVUV Curable Adhesives Cure Rapidly to Form Excellent Bonds

Adhesive Systems’ UV Curable Adhesive Products

UV curable adhesives are single part, solvent free, cure-on-demand adhesives suitable for a wide range of applications. The adhesives contain photo-initiators that react to UV Familyspecific light wavelengths, thus causing the curing process to begin. Upon exposure to UV light of the proper intensity and spectral output, these products cure rapidly to form excellent bonds to a wide variety of substrates such as metals, glass and most plastics.

Their use is widespread, particularly in medical device assembly and the electronics industry. UV curable adhesives products became popular in medical device assembly field in the late 1980’s, when restrictions on solvent bonding drove manufacturers to find a more environmentally and user-friendly solutions. The boom in the electronics industry in the 1990’s, saw the introduction of many exciting new UV curing adhesives, geared to help speed up production lines by giving instant, high-performance bonding results.

Benefits of UV Curable Adhesive Products

  • Cure-on-Demand – allows proper alignment of components before bonding.
  • Speed – increase production by simply adding more lamps to the line.
  • Non-flammable and Solvent-free – provides a safe and comfortable work environment.
  • Single Part Product – No mixing required. 100% solids equal no waste.
  • Save Energy and Space – A UV curing light requires less electricity and space compared to ovens.
  • Appearance – UV adhesives provide a pleasing finished appearance.

UV curable adhesives do not dissolve, melt or weaken the surfaces of the mated items or surfaces. A strong chemical bond is formed between the two substrates providing a high strength alternative to other curing methods. A UV curable system does not require the addition of curing agents and cures within seconds.



  • Superior bond strengths
  • Dependable performance
  • Excellent aging and weathering properties
  • Good impact and vibration resistance
  • Good resistance to high temps and humidity
  • Versatile, bonds a wide range of similar
    and dissimilar materials
  • Cure at room temperature or can
    be accelerated with heat


  • Solvent free
  • Good gap filling characteristics
  • Wide range of products that provide cure
    speeds, viscosities and performance properties,
    to meet specific requirements
  • Improves finished product quality
  • Replaces mechanical fastening devices
  • Lowers cost


  • Tough, durable bonds
  • Stronger, lighter finished assemblies

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