Our UV Light Curing Adhesive Is An Industry Leader………..

Adhesive Systems, Inc. was approached by  a customer that was using  two UV curing products from one of our competitors. UV FamilyThe application was for bonding of glass, crystal and porcelain glass. They had been using these materials for nearly 20 years however, they were experiencing extreme batch to batch variations and in some cases complete separation of the material in the bottles. When they reported the issues with their current supplier there was no response – even after several weeks and multiple phone calls and emails! The customer then asked for our help! We approached the applications as if they were new! Working with the customer on meeting their specific requirements for cure speed, bond strength and viscosity requirements. The Engineering group at the customer and our chemists took a  collaborative approached and were able to develop materials that were fine tuned to meet the process and performance characteristics that they had always wished for.  We were able to exceed all the expectations of the customer and provide a viable solution to their applications and at the same time a cost savings in materials.


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