Adhesive Systems, Inc. Two Part Methacrylates and Epoxies

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The MP55000 Series is a complete family of two part methacrylate adhesives. These adhesives are specifically engineered for structural bonding of nearly all thermoplastics, metals, and composite materials. They offer exceptional bond strength and are extremely durable adhesives. This adhesive is an outstanding performer for the Sign, Marine, and Transportation industries.


Epoxy adhesives are among the most popular choices for household use. They provide a stronger bond than other types of everyday glues and pastes. Epoxy is ideal for different kinds of surfaces including wood, metal, and plastic.

Epoxy is derived from petroleum, and usually come in two components that need to be mixed before applying. This adhesive and its accompanying hardener come in either liquid or gel form. Epoxy adhesives are actually available in different strengths and flexibilities.

Epoxy is also a good insulator, and isn’t affected by moisture, which is why it is used in many electronic applications. Epoxy products are great for various applications like putting up picture frames, fixing furniture, and woodworking, as long as the protracted drying time required for the resin is not a problem.


Just like epoxy, methacrylate adhesives are materials composed of polymers, or large molecules made up of smaller molecules. Methacrylate is made up of methyl-vinyl, and is also great for different kinds of surfaces. However, even with its versatile compatibilities, methacrylate, also called acrylic adhesive, is great for metal and plastic surfaces.

Methacrylate is an adhesive that could be directly applied on surfaces. Methacrylates are still able to bond on oily or greasy surfaces. Much like epoxy, methacrylate is also great for dampening shock, and is chemical resistant.

Other Adhesives

Aside from methacrylate and epoxy, there are other adhesives available that are applicable for specific surfaces: Anaerobic adhesives, for example, are suitable for metal surfaces; UV Curable adhesives are compatible with various surfaces, but only start hardening when exposed to UV light rays; and thermoplastic adhesives are oil resistant and appropriate for wood, ceramic, and metal. When uncertain of which adhesive to use, be sure to do trials before buying in bulk. It also helps to do your research, and seek expert advice from authoritative companies like Adhesive Systems, Inc.

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